Yes, by now you will have heard: The Saints trounced some serious butt in the Super Bowl this year. They went in as the underdogs, set a myriad of records, and used unorthodox tactics to show people that it is still anyones game. Now, being a gaming news zealot, I knew this was going to happen, as the EA simulator predicted it. EA has only been wrong about this only once before(coincidentally, the one year I went against them because of the influence of Hugh Laurie), so I figured they were the safe bet.  Because of this, my brother and I were on the same side for once, leading to several observations, a few of which could be described as humorous. For my part, I’m going to be focusing on the biggest hit of the game: The successful onside kick.

Now, as anyone whose played a football videogame in the last 12 years can tell you, an onside kick is a very risky endeavor.  If you fail, and you WILL almost certainly fail, the opponent will have gained at least a good 50 yards of progress over a regular return. It’s a desperation tactic. Yet, at the beginning of the third quarter, the Saints executed a simply brilliant onside kick that turned not only the ball possession, but the momentum of the game.

The Kick is a Lie!

This tactic was so unorthodox and shocking, it seemed to have really destroyed the confidence of the Colts. After this, Manning botched throw after throw, culminating in a disastrous interception, which you can read all about here:

I must say, this is probably the first Superbowl I’ve watched that I really got into the actual football aspect. I don’t watch football even once the other 364 days a year, so I miss a lot of the nuances, but even I can appreciate a couple of great plays, especially when I can use them to make puns drawn from the greatest game ever.